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"I was always misunderstood for being unlike everyone else, for not fitting in.' Took me years to realize I walk the same path as everyone else, but I wear my OWN shoes."    

L.D. Sargent, Playwright/Author/Knitter

Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean - 8/2013

October 2023

With LOVE, Gladys Peryl
 LD Sargent created a new business venture selling accessories for home and personal style.  Named after her maternal Grandmother, Gladys Peryl Banbury, a Nova Scotia Native, the items are varied from porcelain, to knitted goods.  All items will be showcased on ETSY. Check them out!!

March 2023

 A lifelong dream has come true for me.  I was cast in a work-related commercial that happened to be Union-Affiliated, so I took another leap of faith and joined!  L.D. Sargent is now a Sag/Aftra, future card-having member! Whooo hoooo!

February 2023

Happy to have been featured in a National commercial for USPS. The Behind The Scenes appears on USPSTV You Tube channel.  Take a look.  USPSTV.

November 2022

A fun coloring book for children of all ages featuring 30 extinct reptiles.  Now available on AMAZON.

August 2021

Not Dead Yet!
After 13 years my small LorrieKNITS! business is closed.  But, onward and upward and making plans for my new "word-of-mouth" small biz coming soon! Meanwhile, working on keeping my mind at peace during these trying times.  Hopefully things will come together and we all can go back to living with some degree of normalcy.  Cheers!

June 2021

Halfway there
The good: I am still kicking, still a happy knitter and full-time writer-hopeful.  There are a couple things on the horizon, writing-wise, so do stay tuned!  The "Not-so-good," 2021 is moving very fast and so must we, like it or not.  Cheers!

March 2021

January 2021

Latest blog post.  Check it out! I BLOG THEREFORE I AM
Continued hope for life anew.  Onward and forward with a fresh start in 2021!  Here we go!!!

August 2018 - 2021

Treasures of a Bronx Warrior
can be purchased one book at a time, but purchase them in order, Collection 1, 2, 3 to understand Doris Banbury's full story.  Also, with any book purchase (whether you purchase one book or all three) you will receive 1 complimentary photo from the book.
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