"I was always misunderstood for being unlike everyone else, for not 'fitting in.' Took me years to realize I walk the same path as everyone else, but I wear my OWN shoes."      L.D. Sargent, Author

Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean - 8/2013

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The good: I am still kicking, still a happy knitter and full-time writer-hopeful.  There are a couple things on the horizon, writing-wise, so do stay tuned!  The "Not-so-good," 2021 is moving very fast and so must we, like it or not.  Cheers!
Latest blog post.  Check it out! I BLOG THEREFORE I AM
Continued hope for life anew.  Onward and forward with a fresh start in 2021!  Here we go!!!
Treasures of a Bronx Warrior
can be purchased one book at a time, but purchase them in order, Collection 1, 2, 3 to understand Doris Banbury's full story.  Also, with any book purchase (whether you purchase one book or all three) you will receive 1 complimentary photo from the book.