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With Love, Gladys Peryl

Grandma Gladys.jpg
Doris with Gladys June 11, 1944.jpg
Gladys Peryl Banbury (L),
Doris Banbury (14 yrs) and Gladys Peryl Banbury, (R) June 11, 1944, New York

I created an Etsy shop in honor of my maternal grandmother, Gladys Peryl Banbury, (1900-1957). Gladys Peryl, a native of the town of Amherst in Nova Scotia, Canada immigrated to New York where she met and married West Indian native Charles Banbury (1889-1950).  They had one child, Doris, and were a happy family until Gladys and Charles divorced when Doris was four years old. Gladys single-handedly raised Doris in South Bronx, New York in a brownstone apartment on Southern Boulevard. 

I created a shop to sell hand knit/crochet accessories for home design and personal use.  I will also feature Royalty Free digital photos printed on items created by a digital company.  Items will be 
wrapping paper, cups, cropped hoodies, pet bowls, caps, just to name a few. Photographs of legendary movie stars in NYC 1950s, taken by my mother, Doris Banbury, (1930-2015) will be featured on the printed items as well.  

Feel free to check out my
Etsy page.

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