"I was always misunderstood for being unlike everyone else, for not 'fitting in.' Took me years to realize I walked the same path as everyone else, but I wore my OWN shoes."
L.D. Sargent, FUTURE Best Selling Author

Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean - 8/2013

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"MYSTRO'S WORLD BEHIND THE KEYS" A VH1 Reality Tee Vee pilot written by L.D. Sargent coming soon, stay tuned!
"KEEPING FAITH," an original episodic comedy script written by L.D. Sargent coming to your tee vee/online in 2016!

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Knitting MY Life and Loving It!
Watch the new Lorrie KNITS! Vimeo Video Series. Not a traditional tutorial, knitting with LK's favorite music and with some instructions, but follow along if you would like to! Enjoy!
LK Video Series

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Ever worry about your bottle being lonely or cold? 
Well, worry no more!  Lorrie KNITS! "Bottle Buds" will soon make their debut!  Stay tuned!! 

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Here comes 2015! 
Cookie Storystitch, the Girl Who Knits Stories!  A promo for the upcoming fiction story and knitted accessories for the LK brand!  Check out the promo video and the "making of" video.

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Cookie Storystitch and Girl With the Upside Down Guitar are ready for 2015!!!

Let's ring in the New Year with two projects on the horizon from L.D. Sargent!  Cookie Storystich, an online t.v. series and Girl With the Upside Down Guitar, an exciting fiction novel!  Great things are happening and they will only get better!


Familial loss

Clyde Sargent, L.D.'s biological father, native of Sicily Island, Louisianna, a Southern University college graduate, war vet and one of the first black Government heads of procurement passed away November 14, 2014.  L.D. attended and spoke at his memorial.

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"Crooked Letter, I..." the online tee vee show


Get ready for thought-provoking quirky humor coming to your computer soon!  L.D.'s original theater play, "Crooked Letter, I..." is turned into a comedy t.v. pilot.  The original script is being submitted for review for lineup.  The concept: a has-been child television star grows weary of being "tied" to her old character who appeared in a successful, but cliche and inapprpopriate situation comedy.  When her world falls apart and she finds herself the void of a family of her own she contemplates something dramatic, but is "rescued" by a family who needs her to recue them.  There's more to share very soon, so stay tuned!

A Conversation with author, L.D. Sargent


A conversation with native San Francisco author, L.D. Sargent about her fiction novel, Girl With the Upside Down Guitar. L.D. discusses a little about being a self-taught woman who calls herself a writer after 37 years; her transition from writing quirky comedy plays to fiction novels; the "challenges" of writing; finding her "voice" at a tough time in her life where writing helps her cope; her goals with her new book. At the end of the video she gives a tribute to one of her favorite artists.

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L.D. Sargent, author slash Tee Vee star?


Look for L.D. to return to her first desire, being a Hollywood tee vee star. That's right, scripted comedies are back and L.D. is excited to be slated to carve her Lucille Ball/Carol Burnett-esque brand of humor into a Hollywood sound stage! Here are a few tags: #Independentcableproduction; #situationcomedy; #featuredactor; #summerrehearsal. L.D. was also added on as assistant writing contributor.  Stay tuned, more information coming soon!!

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L.D. Sargent Press Release


L.D. Sargent issued a Press Release for her latest book, SPOILED BEYOND RECOGNITION, and for her knitting website, LORRIE KNITS!  Check them out!




When L.D. Sargent is not writing or traveling she knits!  Introducing LorrieKNITS! Hand knits, accessories and dog sweater made by one woman with LOVE!  (Click on the LK icon for more information)


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L.D. Sargent website is transitioning!


The brand new L.D. Sargent website is up and running!

Happy New Year!


HAPPY NEW YEAR!! May this year bring you happiness, health; an abundance of flourishing accomplishments, faith, joy and prosperity!


Are you SPOILED in the UK? L.D. Sargent's latest book, "Spoiled Beyond Recognition" is now available as paperback and Ebook in America and in the UK. Click on both icons for L.D.'s American and UK Amazon pages.




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